Looking for strings for a 5-string tuned to C#

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't get anywhere with the search functionality - "c#" is too short, and "c-sharp" only picks up "sharp".

    I play a 5-string, 34" scale MIM Fender Jazz. It's tuned C# F# B E A, and I'm never sure whether to think of it as a 5-string tuned up, or a high-C 5-string tuned down. I currently have Ernie Ball Super Slinkies on it (40-125) but the tension is too much. Tone-wise it's great.

    My options seem to be dropping to either 120, or 110. 115 sets seem to be something of a rarity. Any suggestions?

    If it's useful, I play progressive black metal with the bass pretty prominent in the mix. Most of my tone comes from a VT-Bass pedal with the character around noon, and a bit of a mid-scoop.

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    You should be able to make up a set based on a 115 C# string by buying individual strings. Bass Strings Online sells several brands as singles and Circle K strings sells their own strings that way. Contact the owner of BSO and he can recommend brands and gauges (or he may jump into this discussion on his own, he is a TB member) or you can use the D'Addario and Circle K tension charts to pick string gauges that will give you the same tensions your original BEADG strings had. Those tables can be used directly to buy those brands of strings of course but they should work pretty well on other brands of strings of similar types although you may not get the exact gauges in other brands so pick the closest available gauges.

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    I switched to a Circle K balanced tension set a couple months ago, and I'm mightily impressed with the quality of the strings, regarding both tone and longevity.

    That crew is deep into string tension and appropriate gauges, for sure.
  4. Thanks for the help - will have a look at Circle K.
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    I can second a recommendation for Cirlcle K. The strings are supple, long-lasting, and sound good. They can put together sets for any tuning you can think of, at just about any tension you want.

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