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  1. Hello
    I am currently using EB Super Slinkys on all of my bass'. I seem to have the same issue with them as others do, that they are to zingy at first then tame down after about 2 weeks. I have no real complaints except for the initial zing. Is there a set or type of strings that sound like broken in EB super Slinkys? I play hard rock, metal (pick and fingers) and the tone is great once broken in but useless till then. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance. :bassist:
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    Why don't you just not change your strings?
  3. Mainly because they will eventually go dead, they last quite some time but not forever. I just dont like the initialsound.
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    For me the Elixer Trial strings had broken in sound right from the start. Maybe one of the coated sets by your favorite manufacturer would fit your needs.

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    Elixer polywebs. Fender nickels. Almost any brand of half rounds or ground wounds.