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    Good morning/evening/day

    I am turning to your expertise with a bass-sound related question.

    I am looking to open up the sound of 1 of my basses built with a nice red alder body; maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard; 5 strings over a 35" scale. Equipped with an EMG 40J (neck) and EMG 40DC (bridge) pickup coupled to the 18V EMG electronics, this particular bass is pretty mid frequency heavy and compressed sounding.

    For metal and rock, it is really filling up the empty soundspace but the sound has too much pressure in it which is giving issues to have have it nicely fitting in the general mix.

    What are my options to level out the natural midrange coming from the woods and gving the bass a nice pleasant bottom/booty and top end. I believe I am talking about pickups and active 2/3 band EQ.

    The pickups can be passive.

    Looking forward to your suggestions.

    P. S. I am located in Europe, so choices are quite limited.
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    First thing that comes to mind is to swap those two pickups. It's free, so nothing to lose!
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