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  1. Looking to purchase a new or used thumb bolt-on. A couple of questions first. I noticed that on some older thumbs that the two pickups are at an angle, close together, near the bridge. On newer ones, I noticed that one is straight and centered between the neck and bridge, and the other is slanted, close to the bridge. Am I just confused, or is there a reason for this? Does one setup sound better than the other? Any help appreciated.

    Also, anything I should look for in a used thumb? (known trouble spots)
  2. jivetkr


    May 15, 2002
    FYI...I have that bass for sale in the for sale forum.

    Awesome bass. I just have too many warwicks.
  3. Frank Martin

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    Oct 8, 2001
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    4-string Thumbs have the neck pu vertical, but the bridge pu is sloped towards the bridge on the bass side
    5&6-strings have both of the pus sloped towards bridge.

    the slope towards the bridge at the bass side is to get more overtones - growl on deeper, and mellower and clearer on higher notes

    The Thumb is heavy (but my Corvette 6 is even heavier :p ), and has some balance issues, especially the 5&6-strings have neckdive. A good strap can help a lot, though.
    Used Thumbs may have pots that are cracking; some people say that the MEC pre is not good enough, so they change it, but i can make do with mine - especially since i do a lot in passive