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  1. So lately i've been getting a craving for the fat, beefy tone of a Telecaster bass, and i'd love to buy one of the Modern Player ones, but the thing is, i'm on a budget, and i can't nearly afford one, so i figured the next best thing (that was a lot cheaper) would be a Squier-made one. I did some searching on the Squier website and found the Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass and the Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special. I must say, i really like how they look, and the tones as i found out from demoes on youtube are pretty good. At first i thought i'd get the Special, then i looked up the other one and realized it had a fatter sort of tone, with a lot more punch... or maybe its just the audio on the video? The non-special has a split single-coil, and the Special has the classic Tele humbucker as well as a Jazz pickup near the bridge, and i think it would be nice to have the option of the Jazz sound, especially since i don't own one, but i feel like the non-special has more of the tone that i'm really looking for, but i'm not sure if its really better. Could you guys check out the two demoes of them on youtube below and give me your opinion on which i should buy? I would much appreciate it.

    Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass:

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    I had set out to find a nice copy of the VM Tele, when I had noticed the VM Special a couple hangers down. I was impressed with both, but after playing them for about an hour, I found I preferred the VM Special with the tonal options. I had no problems dialing in a nice fat tone with the Special. Plus you can always make a string choice to better suit that tone your looking for as well.

    Would have left with the Special, but it was the last copy in stock with nice gouge in it.
    Still on my list. Just saving for another bass at the moment.

    If it's possible, go try them both to see which you like better. Either way you can't go wrong and won't be disappointed.

    I actually liked the Squier teles better than the MP overall myself, and being cheaper to boot that's a bonus.

    Good luck my friend!
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    I know I am listening on my laptop but those product demos sounded freaking awful, all I could hear was clank clank clank.
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    I'd go with the Special. The bridge looks much better and the pickups seemed to give a bit more versatility.
  6. Personally , I prefer the sound of the split single coils but then I'm a P Bass kinda guy. That being said , neither me or anyone else in here should make up your mind about sound. I would try both and at some length before making up my mind. If that's not possible , then for a fat sound , I vote for the split singles. If you need more variety , you might want to consider the Special. I'm sure I haven't helped a bit but if you wanted an opinion , I've tried to give you an honest one based on what I like. That doesn't mean you will like it too so if there's any way to listen to both , I highly suggest it.