Looking to accompany label artists.

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  1. AsianVoodoo


    Jul 23, 2007
    I did some preliminary searches and wasn't able to find a related answer.

    I'm trying to find some advice on how to end up on stage accompanying singers and artists that need a bassist to tour/perform their live product.

    I've been in at a decently successful studio here in Atlanta. I've recorded for a couple large label artists and a bunch of local ones. I have been compiling a portfolio of all the tracks that I've recorded bass on. These range in styles from "Katy Perry" pop-rock to "Seether/Shinedown" commercial rock. I want to get in touch with the music managers who handle artists with a product to perform. But I'm not sure of the best way to start. Should I just keep biding my time in the studio, recording? How can I take a more proactive approach?
  2. Good question where's the answer