Looking to broaden my sound. Advice please?

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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to broaden my bass sound to create new possibilities/better my sound for my band. My band is starting to take off and do quite well in my country and I want to up my game, what kind of pedals would you guys recommend I buy? I currently have a Prunes and Custard, Pro Turbo Rat, MXR Envelope filter and Line 6 M5 Stomp Box. The kind of music we play is quite heavy and is influenced by the likes of Tool, Primus, Radiohead, Isis. We also like to be very psychedelic. I know this is kind of vague, but I'd just love to hear some of your ideas. Cheers
  2. Maybe try experimenting with the modulation on the Line 6 ( if you already haven't).
  3. Fuzzrocious pedals are gaining a lot of love for a variety of overdriven but gutsy tones.

    I get a little psychedelic with my P&C into chorus or flanger, with or without the M82.

    The best thing I have done for my tone is my highpass loop with reblend. The BDPG gets a much better handful of drive while retaining lows and level. As does my Behemoth, right into the hard fuzzy end of its drive with no losses.
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    Here is what I have - I don't use them all at the same time of course, but after years of buying pedals and not liking them, this is what is left in my arsenal so I can recommend them (but if you're looking for a multi-effects unit to simplify, I'd recommend the Zoom B3)

    Here is my stable of Bass Pedals:
    Electro Harmonix Bass Blogger (fuzz and distortion)
    Boss Bass Chorus
    MXR Bass Compression
    Dunlop Bass Cry Baby
    MXR Bass Envelope
    Boss Bass Equalizer (very important if you use lots of pedals)
    Electro Harmonix Steel Leather
    Boss Rotary Ensemble (best for expanding your tone!)
    Boss Bass Overdrive
    Boss Bass Super Ocatave
    Boss Bass Sythesizer
    Electro Harmonix Freeze
    Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Plus (reverb)
    Last but not least: Boss Noise Suppressor (or any noise gate)

    Good luck and just know whatever you get will take a lot of experimentation so just have fun with it!
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    May 4, 2013
    these are certainly different, but check em out:
    The Organizer
    The Rainbow Machine
    Gojira Trembulator

    And the one pedal I'm REALLY feelin right now is the Janus by Walrus Audio. It's a tremolo and fuzz in one. Just think of the offensive possibilities!
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    B7K by Darkglass!!!! You NEED this pedal hahaha. But seriously, I use this pedal and it is ALWAYS on for me. I would think you can use this pedal the same way especially if you are in a hard rock/metal band of the likes of Tool and Primus. There is SO much tone in this little box. Its a tad spendy but its worth every single penny and then some. Just do yourself the favor and get one. I would also recommend Fuzzrocious pedals. Ryan builds some awesome stuff. I have 3 on my board at the moment, the Rat King, Tremorslo and the BDPG. Im planning on adding a Demon or Demon King very soon. Look into these pedals and I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed and you will have found a few pedals that will become a part of YOUR sound. I love my Darkglass and Fuzzrocious gear.