Looking to buy an upright bass!

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  1. So I'm a bass guitarist, but this year in high school I've picked up the upright, and have been playing in the school's jazz ensemble.

    Since I've been doing this for most of the school year, and I've found a huge passion for the instrument(which is also huge) and I want to go to a college for music.(This was decided before I played upright, I can already read music, walk jazz lines, etc.)

    I'm wondering what the best way I can go about finding a good upright bass. The problem is that there are no music stores where I live that supply them :C
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    Guy, it would be easier for folks to help you if you put your location in your profile. You may be near some bass dealers, they are often times small in-house shops run by strange, flannel-clad bearded recluses who don't make a big marketing splash, yet are awesome luthiers.