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Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by I Am Marc, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. I Am Marc

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    Dec 3, 2007
    I've been playing bass guitar for a while now, over a year and a half, and I've never tried learning any of the more complicated stuff, like jazz or funk or blues or anything. I'd say my technique is pretty decent, I've been putting lots of emphasis on using my pinky lately, but mostly I want to learn how to just... groove. you know what I mean? Like, have someone tell me a chord progression, and have someone else lay down a drum beat, and just solo and make it sound like musical gold. I've mostly placed my learning emphasis on metal and the like, such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, etc, you know, not just simple root note stuff. I have been dabbling in more complex stuff, such as Pink Floyd, but it just doesn't feel like enough.

    So, I come to you, fellow bass players, in an effort to try and better myself as a bass player. I'm looking for your musical reccomendations on what to look for. Anything with a good, catchy bass line. Preferably something without too much slap, I used to do nothing but slap and I'm really sick of it, so nothing really Louis Johnson like.

    Stuff like this is what I'm looking for, except longer than 30 seconds.


    As for lessons, I'm still waiting for a job so I can pay for them (being 15 sucks hard). I know that theory will probably help a lot, and I know lots of basic theory (such as what notes are where on the fretboard), but nothing too fancy. Anything bluesy or funky will help a lot. Thanks.

    P.S. If I seem to lose my train of thought halfway through, my bad. I'm not very good at long posts.
  2. jefkritz


    Oct 20, 2007
    Madison WI
    listen to james brown, led zeppelin, parliament/funkadelic, motown.
    theyre good places to start for modern blues/funk bass and they all groove real hard.
    also, my current favorite bass player is the bassist for G. Love and the Special Sauce. lotsa space, lotsa groove.