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  1. jackall237


    Aug 5, 2007
    I'm currently a part of a team looking for a studio to record. We play worship at our church one a week-to-week basis and have decided to put a EP together, professionally. We have a pretty "edgy" sound in that we're not your average worship team. We would love to have more of a rock element involved in the production, but are still open to the creative process.
    We're from Arkansas so we're definitely open to travel to wherever we need. (Not really many studios in Arkansas in high demand, we know this..) Definitely looking to stay in the studio if we travel, or withing walking or biking distance at least.

    Budget - Probably around 5 to 7 thousand for a 5 to 7 song EP. We think this is pretty reasonable for a good solid recording.

    We've been looking a lot in the Nashville area (of course) and haven't really seen much anywhere else.

    I would love to hear some thoughts or recommendations. Thanks so much!