Looking To Trade Lakland USA Hollow Body for Vintage or P/J 5 Sadowsky

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  1. salsjag@aol.com Looking to trade a Lakland USA made (not skyline) Deluxe Hollow Body in Metalic green with gold hardware for a Sadowsky Vintage or P/J 5 string.This Lakland bass is awsome I just never play 4 strings anymore. I want another Sadowsky. I currently have a UV 70 and love it. The bass is in 9.5 condition and comes with USA OHSC. Currently I have Labella flats on but will include a new set of Maxium Golds also(pictures show gold Maxium strings). This USA Lakland bass sells new for over $3,600 and you won't find a more unique bass anywhere. . The only flaw is a extremly small indention which if you don't know it is there you won't see it.

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  2. How about a BG PJ 4?
  3. Sorry, but I am only looking for a 5 string
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    A bump for an extra sweet bass! :bassist:
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