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  1. Me: I play weekly in a worship band @ my church doing pretty dynamic worship music...we try to keep the stage volume fairly low, so my amp levels aren't anything too great.

    I also play in an alt-country outfit, playing at small to smallish medium venues. The drummer isn't over powering, but I rarely am coming through the mains so the amp has to power enough for a bar.

    What I currently have: Ampeg B100R...which is 100w into 1 15" combo.
    Mostly play my '73 p bass and just picked up an SX fretless jazz that I'm going to use for some of the worship stuff.

    I haven't really ever been too happy with the Ampeg's tone. It feels underpowered, even though I can drum up enough volume. Not getting a punchy tone at all when I try to dial it in for that, and the classic thud tones I try to dial in sound like they are inside a box. The way the amp is ported, imo, doesn't "push" as much as it resonates.

    Any suggestions for a fairly portable rig, combo or cab and amp, around the 200-300W range? I'm not wanting anything like a 410 cab as I think it would be too much for my applications.

    Any and all help would be wonderful :hyper:
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    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Mesa Walkabout scout 12, or mesa M6 Carbine 212.
  3. The Carbine looks tasty, but @110lbs. is really too bulky for me to load in and out of my car 3-4 times a week.