Looks like Dubai's gonna have a new tower going up

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  1. I'm wondering how they're planning to design things like wiring and plumbing.
  2. That was my first thought Atoz lol.

    The building must have a static core which all the floors would rotate around.
  3. Great minds think alike... or at least our minds do, anyway. :p
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    That's safe. Obviously.

    What drugs are the engineers in Dubai taking and where can I get some?!
  5. ROON


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    Oil. :meh:

    Dubai is a nice city, but the "real" parts are far more interesting and nicer than the commercial Western type parts.
  6. How do you exit the building if it is constantly moving...
  7. You can't- it's like talkbass. :eek:
  8. ROON


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    Why would you want to? Knowing Dubai, it's probably going to have a supermarket, cinema, swimming pool, stadium and a gym all built in. ;)

    They should put a BASS ONLY store on one whole level. :p
  9. no. Great minds make their own ideas :p
  10. wdinc01


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    That doesn't worry anyone?

    Seriously, I'm waiting for someone to come out and say "Haha, we tricked you guys!"
  11. that is a bit scary...
  12. Oh, lighten up. It's just like building a bass, except for the plumbing, wiring, hundreds of human lives at stake & probably a couple other things(I'm no expert here)but what's the big deal?
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    That was my first thought.

    Then I thought maybe he learned how to do it at www.TalkArchitecture.com

    In that case, he'd be ok. ;)
  14. Actually it is quite feasible. Put everything around a static core and the bottom level doesn't rotate and you have eliminated most of the problems. For the building to stay together it would have to have a static core. Plus the wind turbines running the thing could be fed either into the floor above or the floor below, eliminating the massive wiring problem. I think that it is a great idea, just the wind turbine part alone is so simple everyone should be kicking themselves for not thinking of it before. With modern building techniques this wont be hard to make. Skyscraper engeneering has stayed basically the same since the 1920s or 1930s when the Sears Tower went up.

  15. Sears tower was 70s wasnt it?

    That was pretty much the last big step forward in skyscrapers afaik, with the twin towers going up too. Very clever pieces of engineering and, had they specified something other than fire retardant plaster board then they may still be standing today...amazing how such a seemingly small thing can make such a difference.
  16. You are right, I have no idea why I was thinking 50 years earlier. That being said, skyscrapers haven't advanced much since then. This is the next logical step, something that will provide its own energy. The moving part is cool, but not all that practical.

  17. Those punk kids are going to have some fun. :D
  18. awesome! that looks fun!