SOLD Looper,tuner,multi effects,voodoo labs

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Sold Voodoo Labs 2 plus power supply. Excellent condition with all factory packaging and manuals and cabling with Velcro on back. $120 sold

    Sold Iguana Tail Loop 5 Loop controller. Excellent condition with factory box Velcro on the back $100 sold

    SOLD Zoom MS-60B multi effect and modeler. Excellent condition with all factory packaging and manuals with Velcro on the back. $70 SOLD

    Sonic Research ST-200 strobe tuner. Factory box and also in excellent condition. Velcro on the back. $70

    Sold Boss CEB-3 bass chorus. Pink label. Very good condition and shows signs of use. Velcro on the back and no box. $50 sold


    All work as they should.
    Would trade whole lot for a class D or similar amp, also trade interests for 4 string basses (Jeff Berlin) etc. send trade offers as PM.
    PayPal only and only lower 48
    Shipping to the lower 48 included
    Have individual pics if needed
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