Looper with a programmable Drum Machine?

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    Hi all. I want to be able to program drum tracks, record them into looper, record other rhythms and play to them possibly recording those. I don't need studio quality, but am wondering if there is a tool that does this or what combination of things I might need. I guess a looper with a programmable drum machine would be a start. It is really just for my own practice and development. Thanks. Should this be in the recording forum?

    I have looked that the Beat Buddy and Digitech JamMan as examples. All in one would be best. Trying to get out of it for as little money as possible.
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    Dunno about any with drums built in, but the Boss RC300 has some midi capabilities, I believe, and can sync with a BeatBuddy. Never tried it myself though.

    Rather, the way I use mine is I desynchronize the loop lengths so I can record a short percussion phrase via drum synth, microphone, cajon, etc. on the first track, and then record longer phrases on the other two tracks. That way everything stays in sync and I only have to spend a bar or two recording the beat.

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    Addendum: If you’re looking for cheap cheap cheap, you could also just record a regular drum machine into a regular looper like a JamMan or an RC3 via stereo or aux input and then play over that. Depending on the drum machine and looper settings, you could even just record your first musical phrase and your drums at the same time and then switch your drum machine off just before starting your first playback. Then the drums would be captured just the way you like them. I’ve done this before by setting a drum machine to play a few bars of beat followed by several bars of silence so it will stop itself as soon as I’m done recording the phrase and I can just switch it off when I’m ready.

    Also-also, many loopers come with preprogrammed percussion tracks that automatically sync to the tempo of your loop. It won’t be *your* beats, but it’ll be a very painless way to introduce *some* percussion to your loop.

    Also-also-also, if you’re working with a looper that can save loops, you can straight up just loop your beats alone and then save them in the bank to pull up whenever you want.

    So basically, whatever you get, you’re gonna have hecka options. Y’just gotta get creative with what y’got.

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Cape Fear!
    Thanks the idea is I got a book called Bass Grooves and in it you program your own drum tracks to play along with. I also like the idea of having a looper to work with to practice basslines, walking, and learning the neck against rhythms and different keys
  5. The Zoom B3 has built-in drums and looper.
  6. Badwater


    Jan 12, 2017
    One way to make it easier is (since you have a computer), get a interface like Presounus audiobox USB, which comes with a full DAW that will allow you to custom program drum tracks and loops, which you then make into WAV format and load them up on a Jamman looper. You also could get a inexpensive USB Midi Controller to make creating drum loops more easy on the DAW. Because it's on the computer everything is done with a mouse, and menus are up front and easy to use. Some of the drum machines and loopers have extensive menus to go through and can be time consuming. And the best part is, you can create your own music using the DAW and interface, as well as add in more instruments on your drum tracks. That's what digital music can do, it's all modular. Anyway, that's how I do it.
  7. I used to program drums using slate drums on my laptop then sample them onto the jamman stereo and save them for later. Worked pretty good imo. Nice variety of drum samples. My favorites are the cracky metal kit, deftones kit, and the zeppelin kit. Can’t think of anything that does both looping and is more than just triggering pre recorded samples in one pedal. digitech does have a newer drum pedal where it looks like you can tap your own kick and snare with your fingers like a MPC or something but I don’t think it has a looper. 5D977CE3-1F33-48F1-985C-7310E4378262.jpeg If you’re doing solo looping where you’re improvising I’d recommend checking out how Janek gwizdala does this with his bass. Lot of people just kind play muted notes into a looper to get the rhythmic aspect but Janek takes it to another level by doing things like using the oc-2 or dod meatbox to get a fatter kick like sound and he uses a boss pitch shifter shifted up often with delay for the high bits.
  8. Oliver1191


    Jan 25, 2020
    Recently bought a MOOER Groove Loop Drum Machine. This is a very good looper for little money. Before that, I used the BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station. Both of these processors are very good.
    A few information about devices:
    BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station

    -Combines song-based looping, organic rhythms and state-of-the-art sound
    -Designed to create music from the moment, combining loops and grooves
    -More than 280 integrated rhythms
    -The loop and rhythm engines can be used together or independently
    -Controls: Value, Rhythm Level, Loop Level
    -Push buttons: Menu, Exit
    -Display: Backlit LCD
    -Footswitch: Loop, Rhythm
    MOOER Groove Loop Drum Machine

    Digital drum machine / looper
    20 Minutes recording time and unlimited overdubs
    8 Genres of rhythms with 2 variations each
    3 Different modes: Looper, Drum, Looper + Drums
    Independent playback level for Looper and Drum
    True bypass
    Controls for Looper and Drum
    16-Way turntable for selecting the drum genre and rhythm
    Push button for Tap Tempo function.
    I can also recommend a good site about drums Home Rething