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  1. I'm trying to loosen the truss rod to take off the nut so I can add a washer but I can't seem to loosen it all the way out. At first it seemed to be loosening fine then it began to get tougher to turn. I don't want to force the turn in case I'm doing something wrong. I'm turning counter clockwise but I don't see the nut backing out. Is there a way to help this or do I need to take it to the repair shop?

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    What make/model instrument? Truss rod nut is at what part of the neck? I'm asking 'cause maybe you have a "double acting" truss rod.
  3. My bass is an ESP LTD B-50, the truss rod is at the head.
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    Sometimes the hole in the neck is a bit small and the nut can jam in the wood even though it's completely off the threads on the rod. That could be the increased resistance you felt. I've had that happen once. I managed to get the nut out with some really skinny needle nose pliers.

    Or, worse, it could be the threads are stripped. Take a look in there with a magnifying glass and a flashlight and see if you can spot if the nut is sort of sitting sideways and jammed in the wood. You might also have someone put some pressure on the headstock while holding the body and have the push the neck into some backbow, while you gently try baking off the truss rod nut again. I can't tell how much resistance you feel when you turn it. If it's a lot, I wouldn't fool with it.

    If this fails, take it to a tech.
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