LoPhat AF115 3-way Cab

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    Jan 3, 2020
    2020 has been a suck-type of year. But earlier this year I "Made My Sound Great Again". I bought the LoPhat AF115 w/a 15" Faital Neo(1,000 Watts), 6.5 Failtal Mid & a Faital Tweeter. Also it features 2 attuenators, one for the mid & one for the tweeter. The size is 23 1/2" HT,, 23" Wide & 17 7/16" Deep. Inside you'll find thick cooper cable with the biggest crossover that I've seen in a cabinet. It has all quality components inside & out.
    Now about the sound. It truly lives up to it's name .....LOPHAT because it is Phat. The bottom is massive, the mids are cutting & the highs are smooth to glassy hi-fi sheen. It's easy to get a sound but after working with it I found there's many sounds to achieve. It's sort of like Marcus Miller. He uses the same bass for most of his songs but it sounds different between tracks. Everything from Anthony Jackson Phat & cutting to Marcus to whatever your imagination can dial in. I was using an Eden 4x10 XLT that was just barely cutting my Bassmods 5 string. A loud drummer was louder than my cab because everytime I hit the B string it would Phart out. But when I brought in the LoPhat I filled up the room with solid B-A-S-S,. Plus the Eden is 95 lbs, where as the LoPhat is 58 lbs, puts out more Bass, Mids & Highs and it's smaller, lighter & sexier......
    I had tried the previous version when I was gigging in L.A. The owner & designer Paul Tidwell was introduced to me thru a friend (KT Tyler). Paul brought the cab to 2 of my gigs at House Of Blues in Hollywood & then a taped rehearsal. It cut thru everytime. I got mass compliments & my playing felt like I controlled the musical conversation. I'm currently using the amazing Genzler Megallen 800,. So imagine my best sound all at 65 lbs because my Genzler is 6 lbs.
    Speaking about earlier I was attending NAMM in 2014 & got a chance to hear all the top cabs out there like Schroeder, Wayne Jones, Epifani, EBS, Bag End, Mesa Boogie & Accugroove. If I was to compare I would say the sound is close to Schroeder & Accugroove. Like the Schroeder it has a unique design but Paul improved the typical design by using 2 attuenators (mid & highs) & put them on the side so you can hear while you adjust. SMART DESIGN.... Also I like the Faital sound, power-handling & quality over B&C speakers used in Schroeder. The separation in sound reminds me a lot of Accugroove. The sound is very focused, clear & a lot more highs especially when pushing the AF115 & I have tons of options w/the sound. Now put all that in 58 lbs, it's a 3-way cab & it makes it the perfect cab hands down. Sound, light-weight & looks...
    I'm talking to Paul about the 2-08 3-way (45 lbs) as an add-on for larger large venues. But for now the AF115 is kicking butt.... Thanks Paul Tidwell for putting out an amazing product & not compromising on quality components.

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    Nov 6, 2003
    Santa Cruz
    Thanks for the report! LoPhat got a lot of exposure some years back, then seemed to have fallen off of everyone's radar.
    That's some interesting construction of that cab. How did you select a 115 as a standalone, versus any of the other models?
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    Jan 3, 2020
    I've always liked 15's. Especially playing a variety of styles including Gospel in which sometimes your competing against an organ player still hitting pedals (and we can't have that...lol). I tried different cabs at NAMM & Bass Player Live. I was endorsing Accugroove & had a El Whappo which moves some air & cuts through like butter. I had plenty of Bass & the mids were thick like Ricky Ricardo's accent but it often covered up my high-end. So I got introduced to Paul by a fellow L.A. Bassist/Gigger. I tried LoPhat's 2-10, 4-10, 2-12 & 2-08 but the AF115 seem to cover the spectrum I was looking for. Paul Tidwell of LoPhat brought out the AF115 to a reception gig I played & that's when it happened. I got that Low-End Reggae type of bottom w/Phat mids & the highs cut through especially sliding into chords. Another time Paul brought it out to a gig I had at House of Blues (Hollywood). Both times the sound guys, band & other musicians in the audience complimented me on my playing & sound.
    Also that 2-08 is a sneaky lil cab. Deep & cutting. I'm getting the 3-way as a stand alone for smaller gigs & an addition for large venues. Both cabs are extremely lightweight, efficient & use the best components. I was using Neo speakers by Eminence & a few others. They sound great & are lighter than ceramics, but they get hot and blow at extreme temps especially with outside hot L.A. gigs,. The Faital's are a much better built in their Neo design and cool much faster. Being a Bassist & MD I like the idea of less weight, quality (nearly blow-proof) speakers & a dynamic sound.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Top of the line cabs for sure. Should get more love here but it's very high-end stuff so maybe out of the price range for some.
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