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Lorenzo Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by pepelaici, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hi guys
    During the seventies in Argentina (the land where I was born).
    We didn't have many chances to own American instrumets...
    The were too expensive for us, and customs charges were astronomical high... Some people tried to copy Fender and Gibson with very little knodlege. Not to mention the hardware. wich was as difficul to get as the instruments themselves. Among the guitar makers at that time, there was Mister Lorenzo... He was a musician who also used to repair his fellow's guitars and basses... Mister Lorenzo, little by little improved his skills and managed to start building his own guitars. His basses were the best achieved instruments he did(he was a bassplayer). He had his own ideas but he mainly tried to reproduce what the local musicians wanted. (Fender and Gibson alike axes). You can't compare his production with Fender and Gibson standarst.. But.. for an Argentinian musician at the time, those Lorenzo axes were great... Mister Lorenzo didn't make lots of instruments.... I don't think that he could have done more than 200 (Basses & Guitars during his life). The one who order a Lorenzo instrument had to wait several moths before he the axe was finally delivered... The custumer had to go several times to Mr Lorenzo's worshop during at least 4 month... I was lucky enough to find a second-hand Lorenzo Bass in 1976 for a quarter of the price of a Fender Bass... It was great.... The tone and the gain of a Fender... I thing that a Lorenzo Bass at that time was technically better than a Fender of the same year ... Lorenzo made his own pick-ups and they were exellent... the problem was the harware... Tuners, potenciometres and bridges were bad japanese stuff. It was the only hardware you could get in Argentina at the time. One can compare these basses with the first Fender produced basses during the fifties...
    People couldn't believe that sound come from an "Made in Argentina" Bass Guitar. I've sold my Lorenzo to buy my first Fender (a brand new Precision 1978) wich was the most beautiful bass I had ever seen... But... I must admit that my Lorenzo had a better tone... I shouldn't have sold it !!!
    I've bought a Lorenzo bass last year for around 60 dolars...
    I've upgraded it with gold harware and had the pick-ups rings finsh gold made by a craftsman mechanic here in Genèva.
    Here is the result of my quest for a Lorenzo... Some of you have already seen some of the pictures... I'll say again "this is a sentimetal matter".
    I've bougth and upgraded this bass with my heart... I've spent more than his real value to upgrade it.
    One of its original pick-ups was missing... I've replaced it by an 1976 Fender Pick-Up... The sound is amazing...
    Mister Lorenzo used precious woods (Mahogany for the body, Canadian Mapple for the neck an Indian Rossewood for the finguerboard)
    My Firts Lorenzo sold in 1978 to get part of the money to buy a Fender
    My present Lorenzo how it was the day I've bought it
  2. Among the others
    I have enough stuff to compare... Lorenzo is great
  3. here is a poor sound clip of this bass


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