Lorrie Collins, RIP

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    Who? That's OK; unless you were even the most casual fan of Rockabilly and roots, while you might know of Wanda Jackson and Brenda Lee, her's is a name lost in the mists of obscurity like Janis Martin and Barbara Pittman...

    Lorrie Collins, Dynamic Rockabilly Singer, Is Dead at 76

    She and her younger brother Larry were a dynamic duo in the early days of country music TV programs, but somehow that didn't translate to record sales in spite of some hot recordings....

    keep in mind that Larry is roughly Jimmy Page's age, and was quite the prodigy...

    As they got a bit older, Lorrie worked with Ricky Nelson...

    They did try to keep up with the times, but eventually Lorrie opted for family life, and Larry became a songwriter, "Delta Dawn" being a notable hit..

    In the 90's, they made their comeback with the help of people like Deke Dickerson and Germany's Bear Family label, and played to appreciative audiences all over the world...
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    Couple of years before my time. Never heard of them before. Gotta say though that as obnoxious as that kids face is - he's awesome :). That's a lotta talent there between the 2 of them.

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