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  1. Happened to be walking by the corner of Woodman and Ventura and stopped into the Amp Shop. they had a big sign in the window stating that they are moving - but no info about where / when. FYI - after speaking to the guys working that day, I leaned that they are heading to a new location near the corner of Lankershim and Camarillo blvds in North Hollywood around the end of January. For some of us this is great news, a music store that specializes in basses and bass/guitar amps moving into a shop less than 1 mile from home!

    (you can't appreciate how cool this is unless you understand that 9 of the last 10 vacant storefronts in the Toluca Lake area were eventually rented to "nail salons". I'm happy to see anything other than another toe picking establishment, but a bass and amp shop is a huge and unexpected win!)

    Can anyone comment on the store's reputation for amp service? Particularly service for old tube amps? I havent taken anything there since long before the merger of the Bass Exchange and Amp Shops, so I have no idea who does their amp work - anybody have recent experience?
  2. update - that "early January" move date now appears to be June +/- as the new shop on Lankershim just got some signage and an "opening soon" sign. for the true urban warriors, the new shop is a short walk (5 to 10 minutes?) from the North Hollywood Red Line station (head south on Lankershim, back towards Universal Studios) and the new store is less than two blocks north of Camarillo on the east side of Lankershim. How many "bass / bass amp" stores are there in the world? What are the odds of having one within walking distance of home? SCORE !
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    The old location is just 1/2 mile from my place; I'm bummed that they are moving. :(
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    Don't know much about their amp repair, but hear it used to be pretty good. Don't know if Tina still does the bass work there, but she worked on a few of my basses and did great work. Honestly, I haven't been in there much since Justin left. When Justin was there, you had the bass side of the shop run by... well, a pasionate bass dude. After Justin left to go work for Aguilar, I went in a few times for strings and the service just wasn't the same. Maybe they've improved things a bit since then. It has been a couple years since I've been by there.
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    Considering the awful business climate in the city of Los Angeles, I am surprised they did not move just a few miles east to Burbank.
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    You ain't kidding.
  7. Did they finally complete the move? I want to take an amp in there too but don't know about their prices comparitively. Thanks
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    I can't speak for the new location, but I happen to drive by the old location today and noticed that it was entirely vacant and closed up.
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  9. Thanks! I guess I'll make some calls and look around
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