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  1. Noah-Fecks


    Sep 13, 2000
    Scotia, NY
    Yeh.. This will be my last post dealing with the ground problem/ electronic buzz/ pickup hum/ crap/ blah..
    Over this christmas break I'm finially going to properly ground my bass. It's a MIM Fender Precision Bass with new Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounder Split humbucker pickups & a badass bridge. I had them professionaly installed & had the tone pot & capacitor replaced.
    Now what do i need to do to stop the ground problem/ electronic buzz/ pickup hum/ crap ? Any websites, hints or list of materials that could be helpfull? I am in desperate need of help. My bass is just dying to sound decent.
  2. Well, you've done the most expensive steps to getting a quieter bass - How about trying a cheap one?

    From Stewart MacDonald - www.stewmac.com - get some of their copper shielding tape and completely line the pickup and electronics cavities. This will help a great deal and is what all of the upscale manufacturers do in their instruments. Here is an example:

  3. If all that was professionally installed, wouldn't the proffessional ground it properly in the first place or does incur extra charges? Here it would probably include GST. Damn i hate John Howard. lol

    anywho Merry Christmas all!