Lothar seifert, really as expensive as I’m seeing?

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  1. Hoping that some of you knowledgeable folks can help me out. I have had this bow (French, silver mounted) since ‘99 or 2000 and haven’t used any other French bow since I’ve been 100% satisfied with it, so I’m totally out of the pricing loop since I haven’t had any reason to keep up with bow prices.

    I am seeing silver mounted Lothar Seifert bows upwards of 3-4000+ dollars while searching around. However I’m seeing none listed around the year mine was made (which I’m not sure of but I bought it from Lemur back about 20 years ago so I’m guessing made around then).

    So far as I can tell I can’t find a sliding quality scale for these bows. W Seifert is the workshop, less expensive bow but are the Lothar ones that are silver mounted similar quality to one another? Are some years worth more than others? Any guesses what this bow might be worth? I try to sell used on the low side to avoid both potentially charging someone more than I should (treat others how you want to be treated and all) and also to avoid lowballing and bartering as that’s my least favorite part of selling things, so even a general range or any relevant info would be appreciated if possible. And if there are indeed different levels of quality within these bows, how would one tell? The only reason I’m looking into selling it is because a dire financial situation has come up and family comes first, otherwise I’d probably continue to be fine not knowing what it’s worth.

    Thanks for any help - I’ve been googling for about an hour and other than these higher prices (many not having a year listed as to when it was made) I am not getting much about where I should be pricing it fairly.

    Not sure that it would help but here’s a photo (if a closeup or any part of the bow let me know and I can add it).
    image.jpg image.jpg
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  3. Go to a shop and pay for an appraisal. Having papers on it will help you get the best price. The market hasn’t been very good for a while now. Sorry.