SOLD LOTS of bass strings, 4/5 string, 34"/35"/34-37", rounds/flats, new/used, TI's

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    All prices include shipping. Minimum order of $30, otherwise its hardly worth packing them up and shipping. Spend $50, get a free set of your choice! Except the TI's, those aren't free ha ha.

    First group pictured are all barely used, cut to fit a 34" scale 3+2 headstock (fit Warwick or Ken Smith basses perfect). Tried out a bunch of strings and settled on Dunlop super brights, so the rest have to go. All sets are 45-125, except La Bella's which are 60-135T.
    SOLD Dean Markley Helix HD Nickels - $15
    SOLD LaBella Copper White Nylon Tapewound - $20

    DR Nickel Lo-Riders - $15
    SOLD DR Nickel Pure Blues - $15
    DR Nickel Sunbeams - $15
    Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky's - $15


    Two sets of TI Jazz flats, used more than the sets above, but still lots of life left. Cut for 34", 3+2 headstock. $50 per set.
    3 sets cut for a Dingwall Combustion, 34"-37" scale:
    Stock Dingwall Stainless steels, $15
    Sadowsky Black Label Nickels, Extra long scale, barely used $20
    SOLD DR Black Beauties (Extra long scale, barely used, but B-string's winding not long enough for the 37". Could trim the excess to fit a 34" scale), $15
    Brand new sets, Hartke 45-130 5 string set, D'Angelico 40-100 4 string set, Musician's Gear 45-105 4 string set: $10 per set

    The last group have a little more use, and are priced cheaper:
    Rotosound TruBass 5 string set, cut for 34" 3+2 headstock, some fraying on the gold silks, $10
    3 sets of unknown stock strings: 35" 3+2 5 string set, 34" 3+2 5 string set, 34" 2+2 4 string set - $5 each
    DR Jonas Hellborg 4 string set- Cut for a 34" 2+2, E string doesn't have a lot of wraps because the exposed core thing kinda threw me off. Would work great on a shorter scale. $5
    GHS Pressurewound 4 string set, 34" 2+2: $10
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