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    Sep 11, 2002
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    I have a bunch of gear to sell. I left a band a few months ago and I am selling alot of the gear to acquire a new rig ( and to pay some bills).

    Gallien-Krueger 1001 RB 210 combo. powerful combo, has seen better days cosmetically, but has NEVER failed me electronically. $750

    G&L SB-2. Trans red on ASH(not swamp ash), one piece flame maple neck w/ Hipshot d-tuner. has original hardshell case. $470

    Fender MIM JazzBass. Black Finish. modified with Bartolini #9j's, Badass Bass II Bridge, '64 reissue 4-ply pickguard, Hardshell case. This bass sounds amazing!! I had the frets sanded and polished recently and slapped some DR sunbeams on it.. I was amazed how good this bass sounds. I will throw in the original pickguard and pickups as well as a hard shell case. $410

    Hohner HAB-40 Acoustic/Electric Bass. Shadow P4 EQ, natural finish, die cast tuners. Ding on headstock got me a %10 discount when i bought it new. $285

    SKB pedal board w/ three space rack. I don't remember the model #. This thing is great if you have effects and a few rack items. It had an AC adapter to power pedals but it did not work when i bought it new, i did'nt need it anyways i got BOSS stuff w/ adapter. Has two effect loops and a hardshell cover that snaps on. Not perfect cosmetically but it is built like a tank! $165

    Boss Bass Overdrive $35
    Boss RV-3 Digital Delay/Reverb $90

    E-mail me for info and pics. I Am looking for a Demeter HPB-1 pre, and an Aguilar GS212 cab so i am open to trades.
  2. I'll take the overdrive.

    Emailing you now.