Lots of gear to TRADE

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  1. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    Thanks to everyone who traded w/ me on my last ad. I've got a bunch more stuff. I prefer trades but if you must buy please make an offer. I could use a powered monitor, lighting equipment, a power conditioner w/ meter, a nice 5 string, and probably some other stuff. Try me!

    Ibanez SH-7 7th Heaven distortion MIB
    Boss SYB-3 Bass Synth ex. w/ box and manual
    Altec 8 band Notch filter
    Altec 24 band notch filter
    Danelectro Slapecho pedal MIB
    Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite w/ Floyd & case
    Ibanez TL5 Tremolo Pedal
    3 spring short reverb tank from Dean Markley amp
    Hafler footswitch w/ led, ¼” cable
    Misc. used vintage tubes
    Jensen A-204 xover network 16 ohm 200 hz, vintage
    2 Viking RP62 record/playback preamps – TUBE, vintage
    ‘80s BC Rich single coil gtr pup
    Handel’s Messiah complete score
    Bach and Mozart music books - piano concertos etc.
    Wurlitzer 420 Tonecab – leslieish tube amp w/ ¼” input mod, 12” + twirling tweeters
    Albert Clarinet w/ case
    Manymany 12” lps, cds, cassettes – musician’s taste
    How to play Harmonica – book, cassette, & harmonica
    Alesis MicroEnhancer w/ non-oem power supply
    Stradivarius copy violin as-is *project* w/ “case”
    Keyboard Player & Guitar Player mags – misc. back issues
    DOD DFX94 Ddelay/Loop Sampler pedal – asis parts only