Lots of noise with series/parallel switch...

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  1. Cougar207

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    Jun 17, 2005
    St. Charles, MO
    I have a Schecter Stilleto Elite 5 with EMG HZ's in it and an active pre. I wired up a series/parallel switch on the bridge pickup and it does change the sound as it should but I get a lot of noise (a high pitch buzz that goes in and out like an envelope filter). Any ideas on what I did wrong. The pickup ground (bare metal) is grounded and none of the connections are touching.

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    Aug 13, 2005
    did u ground the switch?

    did you add resistors to the switch? they help reducing crackling when switching and other noises.
  3. something looks amiss in your switch wiring...could you put a sketch in showing the whole entire schematic?

    I recently did a series/parallel on a single humbucker bass and it didn't look like that....

    you can't do a parallel/series switch and leave the white and black soldered together and just switch the red and green...that just won't work...

    ok here it is...i think I have the colours for the EMG figured out (with the help of their website)

    on your switch (same layout as yours) you'll need to hook it up like this:

    top left = no connection
    top right = black
    middle left = black (jumper from top right)
    middle right = white
    bottom left = green (also connect to ground)
    bottom right = red (also signal to preamp or volume pot, whichever the case may be)
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  4. Cougar207

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    Jun 17, 2005
    St. Charles, MO
    Yep, that did it! I was trying to adapt schematics from a strat, which should be the same, but the schematic might be wrong. Thanks for the help, its nice to have the added flexability.
  5. I'm happy I could help...I get almost as much satisfaction out of helping as I would doing it myself. :)

    Yes, the added flexability is great to have. I'm really loving the KA soapbar in my wishbass... I'll probably have a double soapbar bass before long...I just love the tone. :)
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