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Lots of stuff to sell! (inc. Spector, Dean etc) - UK

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Rusty Chainsaw, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Due to my impending relocation to the US, I have to trim the herd a bit (OK, a lot), both to have less to carry, and more money to take with me! So the following bits are up for sale:

    Spector NS5CR (SSD era), through neck, rosewood fingerboard, ash/maple body wings, blue SimS LEDs on front and side of neck, gloss black finish, good condition, awesome sound. £600.00
    Dean Edge 5 fretless, black, unlined, active, almost brand new and virtually unplayed. £275.00
    Squier Jazz Bass, 4-string, black, upgraded with grey tortoiseshell pickguard and EMG (not HZ) active J pickups, great condition and rarely played. £200.00
    Crafter 5-string acoustic bass guitar, transparent black, with gig bag. £200.00

    ART Nightbass SE processor with X-15 MIDI control pedal. £140.00
    Digitech BP8 effects processor. £100.00
    Tascam US-122 USB audio interface for home recording. £100.00
    Yamaha DJX (Mk1) keyboard (MIDI), with stand. £80.00
    Zoom drum machine. £75.00
    Tapco (by Mackie) 4-channel mixer with phantom power, £60.00

    Ampeg SVT-III head, recent model, 6 months old, flightcased. £750.00
    Ampeg 6x10"+tweeter cab, slight scratching to the vinyl covering but full working order. £600.00
    Peavey Microbass practice amp. £40.00

    OLP Van Halen-style electric guitar, blue with quilt top, maple neck. £100.00
    Line6 Spider II guitar amp, 1x12", very loud and versatile, with footswitch. £100.00

    I'd prefer to sell the SVT rig a little nearer the time before I go (October) as I may have some more gigs coming up, but, if you're interested and are prepared to wait a little while, let me know.

    My other Spector and my Sei are coming with me! :D

    I'll post pics if anyone's interested - ask in this thread.

    Russ :bassist:
  2. Here's 3 of the basses (the Spector, the Dean and the Crafter acoustic) and the OLP guitar:


    Russ :bassist:
  3. Also, not sure this is entirely on topic, but I have some computer bits to shift as well...

    Shuttle mini-PC, 3GHz AMD Athlon, 1GB RAM, 120GB HD, with 17" Iiyama CRT monitor, Microsoft Cordless Desktop Pro (mouse and keyboard), USB Wi-Fi adaptor, Bluetooth dongle, set of speakers, XP Pro. £350.

    Apple Mac Mini, 1.67GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, SuperDrive, OS X 10.3, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, 17" LCD monitor. Only 4 months old and in perfect boxed condition. £500.

    Apple iBook G3, 800MHz, 640MB RAM, 40GB HD, OS X 10.3, DVD/CD-RW (not Superdrive), built-in Wi-Fi, reasonable condition (a few minor scratches), £350.

    I have replaced all of the above with a Powerbook 17", so I need rid of them. :D

    Russ :bassist:
  4. Limo


    Sep 22, 2002
    Reykjavik Iceland
    Still got the Spector for sale?
  5. Yep... PM me if you're interested.

    Russ :bassist:
  6. The acoustic bass and the Mac Mini have been sold.

    Still got all the rest for sale though - any takers?

    Russ :bassist:

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