lotsa gear - must relieve G.A.S. = )

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  1. 31 hz

    31 hz

    Dec 29, 2000
    West Coaster moving East, must minimize collection:

    I stand behind all my gear -- great condition, always well taken care of. I will do my best to supply photos at request.

    email me if you're interested in ANYTHING. I'll tell ya all about it!

    >>>>>>>> timdh@cvalco.org <<<<<<<<<<<

    Selling (or soon consigning - I'm selling lower than the consignment prices) will discuss prices:

    --2000 Am Std. Jazz Bass, ohsc - sunburst, MINT, will consider adding a pearloid pickguard and class stk/qtr pnd rep p/u's **$675**

    --SWR 4x10T cab - 16 mos old, excellent condition, casters. **$400**

    --GK 800 rb amp - awesome workhorse, scratch on top of casing. Great Shape! **$425** (deal!)

    --1973 lab series 100 head (w/ comp) and 15" or 18" cab. (big, never measured. will do) -- WOW. Bob Moog's personal engineering design. I am second owner - babied and played at low levels since new - childrens music. I bought for practice amp and recording tool. Had it totally checked out last month. Sold as set for about $1000 in late 70's. lotsa classic sound here. Asking **$350 for set**

    Maybe I'll sell my aguilar db924 for $150. I haven't decided for sure on this.


    If you're interested, email me. All good gear at good prices - just have to sell. = (

  2. alex011085


    May 19, 2002
    would you accept a diferent offer on the 4x10. maybe $275 plus shipping? I live in Seattle, WA. Let me know, alex@scrivenersinc.com
  3. WillPlay4Food

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    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ

    You realize this post is from April, 2001, right?