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Loud strings-help Francois

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by MerryPrankster, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. I have flipped around , And i would like a few opinions. (especially from Francois)

    *I understand string results vary greatly and i am just looking for general results!!

    Has anyone found any strings that have a fat sound (as gut-like as possible_(for pizz) and have a lot of volume.

    (want loud strings to go acoustic for a trio gig)
  2. I think gut strings like Eudoxas and Olivs have a loud volume, but it greatly depends on the instrument.
    A school ply with guts may sound weak.
    The instrument/tension balance is crucial for best volume.
    Similarly, a good carved bass with too much tension will sound weak.
    I think I've read good comments on some Velvet sets about volume too. (possibly the Garbo set)
    In conclusion, without a real life test, you don't know how a given bass will react to a given set of strings.
    Furthermore, the strings mentioned above are quite expensive, so it may end up being a very expensive trial...
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