Loudness War

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  1. Here's an interesting paper:


    It has a good set of recommendations for different roles in the music business.

    Myself, I wonder why I have so many options for downloading video content from SD to HD, but audio content there's only one choice. Even for video purchase there are now several options of Digital copy, DVD and/or Blu-ray.

    Let's all encourage content providers to give us more dynamics. At the same time we can all make recordings with more dynamics.
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    Only one choice? Mp3, wav, flac, mpa, aac, etc. Not to mention the various streaming companies that allow licensed offline downloads (ie Spotify). There are plenty of choices that cover a multitude of player formats, sound quality levels, file size requirements, etc.

    Do we need additional formats? I certainly don't.

    EDIT: My work computer is blocking that website, so I'll have to read it when I get home.
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    That's a really interesting read - thanks for the link to it.