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  1. Chili


    Mar 8, 2005
    on his licks video volume one, (he uses a musicman on that) but he says he is werking with crama and one day you'll be able to get a louis johnson bass, and that vid has been out for a while, and i cant find anything on this louis johnson bass, has anybody heard of it????

    also where can i get his licks video volume 2? i cant by anything like that in the u.k, so somewhere i can download or a website to order from or anything would be kool

  2. Chili,
    I believe a company called Trekker made a Louis Johnson bass, or worked we Louis on a design. But, Louis was ONE of the Cat's that made THAT Stingray tone famous! "Stomp", "Makes me wanna Wiggle"...

    Sho U right,
    Bobbo 77"
  3. Lo end PUNCH

    Lo end PUNCH

    Jan 28, 2005
    His new bass is designed by Norton guitars. He also has a few more prototypes, one by Yamaha that has 80% of the lower body scooped out and it has two MM pickups in it. He also has one by Pensa Shur that has two Lane Poor J pickups close to the bridge and slanted like Thumb basses and it also has 80% of the lower body scooped out(this bass can be seen on the "Strawberry Letter 23, live in Oakland" DVD. I ordered mine from Barnes & Nobles. All of his basses Except for the Alembics, Trekkers and Nortons have J bass bodies. Louis also owns one of the few rare Spellbinder basses designed by Stanley Clarke. He has more signature models than any other bassist in exsistance.