Love the drummer, hate the guitarist. How can I get rid of him?

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  1. Ok, here's the deal..

    I just got back from a 1st rehearsal with a new band. The drummer rocks, he can lay down quite some rythm there. But.. the guitarist... well.. he sucks.. he couldn't keep up with the drummer & me, and that was very disturbing imho..

    Here's the problem : how do i tell them that i DO want to continue with the drummer, but do NOT want to continue with the guitarist ?

    I don't know the drummer's opinion on it yet, but i sure as hell don't want to continue with that guitarist.
  2. XavierG

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    Handle it as if it were a business. Talk to your drummer, tell him what you think, find out what he thinks, and, if you're in agreement, tell the guitarist. If you're not in agreement, I guess it's a different story. One step at a time.
  3. there is so much to take into consideration. Is the drummer and guitar player very good friends? Have you known them long? Is there other people in the band too? I would say either try to work it out just wait. Or just quit if it looks hopeless, start a a new band find new players and ask the drummer to play.
    That is a really bad cheap shot but it seems to work :D

    But really I dont know much about the situation here so that could be some terriable advice.
  4. John Davis

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    Mar 27, 2001
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    Tell the guitarist that you and the drummer are going to start a "side project." Then for a while, put off practice to the point that you have to break up.
  5. masaru

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    Aug 8, 2001
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    Honesty is the best policy. The drummer's reaction will depend on his opinion of the guitarist and whether or not they're a "package" deal. I once had to kick my own brother out of a band because he never improved!
  6. Bass Guitar

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    Aug 13, 2001
    The goateed one gives sound advice here. It's about business, not about feelings here, so keep it formal and serious. Be honest. Tell them you would only join them without the guitarist, or if the guitarist agrees to take lessons and improve substantially.
  7. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
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    I'd do as the others said. I've been in that situation more than one time. The pain and frustration caused by that person is never worth it.
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    The TV networks could base a reality show on stuff like this. Vote the poor bastrich off the island.
  9. Well the drummer & guitarist also played together for the 1st time..
    fresh band with fresh musicians..

    i mailed the drummer 'bout how i feel about it... awaiting reaction from him..
  10. thomas

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    Jul 26, 2000
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    If its the first rehearsal how can you tell if he really sucked?
  11. You just know...

    I've done other bands, and those went a whole lot smoother the first time..
  12. Nails

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    Jun 4, 2000
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    For a fee anyone can be "gotten rid of." :D

    But you may oppose this morally, in fact many people do. That and once the mob does you a favor they want something in return. What is it with gangsters?

    Seriously, everything above is exactly what I would do. See what the drummer thinks, if he's with you tell the guitarist he's a great guy but you don't think he's the right guy for the band. If the drummer disagrees (or if they're a package deal) you'll have to either live with him or quit.
  13. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
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    I would suggest 100meq K IV , or if you are really industrious 100mg syccynilcholine IV. Done!!!


    Mike:D :D :D
  14. Deano Destructo

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    And if all else fails buy a $25 dollar shovel and bury him in the back yard....[​IMG]
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    Jun 25, 2001
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    I have been there a few times and normally with guitar players I found a lost art that works wonders. As soon he shows up for practice talk to him and as soon as he is not looking push him to the ground and deliver one good solid kick that will usually do it ,some guitar players will require a second kick (some just dont get it after the first kick) especially if you get one thats REAL dumb but one kick will usually do the job. The same policy applies to drummers but number and severity of the kicks usually must be doubled. Singers---------- Bring a buddy as 2 legs are not nearly enough to get a good proper butt kickin in.:D
  16. Hategear

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Give the guy a chance to improve, or at least another practice before you decide to fire him. If he hasn't gotten better, discuss it with the drummer and see where he's at (maybe he doesn't have the same goals and aspirations as you either) and go from there.

    The old standby is (as was already said), quit the band and start a new band with the drummer. I'd let you have my guitarist, but he sucks too!
  17. jazzbo

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    Aug 25, 2000
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    I don't mean to discount what you're going through, but these threads always confuse me, because the answer is really what the answer would be for any difficulty in any kind of relationship: communication.

    I truly believe it comes down to honest, frank, yet sensitively approached, conversation.