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    Apr 10, 2002
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    So today I found a beautiful 6 string bass online and I decided I would love to have it. It was 290 dollars and I have 0. So I decided to call GC and see how late they were open, seeing how it is a Sunday. While on the phone the guys asks me why I plan on coming in, I found that to be a little weird but I told him I planned on selling my bass. So he asked me what kind it was (I think he was very lonely and looking for a friend) and i told him it was a, "5 string Squier Jazz bass." So he said i could probably get 300 minimum for it. I thought great, I can buy the 6 stringer and have some cash left over. So I head down there bass in hand and I go to see the guy in the bass department. Well he takes my bass to the back to check it out, and I start looking around. He comes back and says "The most I can give you is 83 dollars" so I get a little angry and say "Over the phone you said I could get at least 300" and he said, "I did no such thing" so i confirmed his name and it matched the name of the guy I talked to on the phone and I asked if anyone else there had the same name and he said no.Then he tells me he remembers me and he thought I said "fender geddy lee."

    Then he tells me if I'm interested in any of the basses there that we could trade. So I walk over and grab the 2000 dollar Warwick and he says he doesn't think I can trade my Squier for the Warwick, so I tried to bribe him with a gum wrapper and a dollar. He gracefully denied.

    Then on my way out I get stopped by the manager and he askes to see whats inside of my case. So I open my case and he starts to check the serial number on it, and he says, "Why did't you check this bass in to me when you came in"

    "Why weren't you for me to check it in?"

    "I've been here the whole time checking serial numbers on what goes in and comes out, I didn't see you bring this in"

    and said, " Out of the 450 Fenders, 2 Warwicks, and 9 Squiers, why the hell would I steal a squier?"

    So he checked the serial number and it wasn't one of theirs so he let me go. I had a dandy good time.
  2. Typical GC experience, tip one DO NOT talk to anyone who works there at all, or ever, EVER!!! GC is only good unless you have the money for 1 specific thing there. That's all.
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    Agreed. Go to GC knowing what you want.


    Nov 29, 2002
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    The Guitar center you went to has 461 basses:eek: :confused:

    Were you in some kind of Guitar Super Center?? If they have 461 fender basses I wonder how many guitars they have:meh:
  5. Actually I go in there all the time and just play whatever I want and never buy anything, it pisses them off so much;)