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Lovers Of Silence

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Mentalico, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. First of all, scuse my typing, I think in spanish and traduce it to english after.
    Well, I just want to open a discusion about a topic I think is too important: THE SILENCE.
    What do you think about silence? do you pay atention to silences when you play?
    Some people told me that the silence is the 13th note, and only a few people know that it exist, obviously, referring to those who play play play, a thousand notes, wothout taking care that the sense of hearing must have rests, like all senses we have.
    Just think in a movie, 2 hours of pure action, pure gunshots, pure explosions, a lot of car crashing, helicopters exploding, and blood every where!!!! WOW!! Amazing!!!
    Ok, but I don't wanna see it again in my life!!! do you?
    Or, think in the opposite... Other movie, that everything is love, tranquility, any movement takes 5 minutes... wow man... i don't even want think about it.

    Ok, going straight to the point, I have project I'm working on some time ago, It's about building some kind of concept about silence. All started one day, in the afternoon, I was going to the practice session with the band (it was sunday) and you know how are the sundays afternoon... too quiet, those birds singing (i wish they could sing in F key, so I could make a bird song cover) some people where eating yet, and, one man, waas coming far away in the other directio ni was going. He started to come closer and I started to hear his whistles, so I though that he was BREAKING the silence, althoug he was sing some king of tango, I felt he was invading MY silence, MY right to the silence... but that last only a few seconds. until I thought that he has the same right to whistle, that I have to silence.

    So, my "concept" grew up, I mean, IS GOWING UP, to something like this: The silence is sacred. You can break it, but you must do it with something that deserves"
    It's somelike when you tell someone that is talking too much and sayin nothing.
    I dont remember who told it first, but someone, sometime told that "if you want to say something, you must have something to say."

    Well, I think i've explained myself somehow. I'm not trying to concientize myself that the best music is when you play nothing, because, that would be very boring, or, TOO much boring. My intention is just that we learn to see better the vluable things and discard faster the thrash that is our world... There is a forum around here that discuses if the society is being more permissive. Is not my intention. I just want to find myseft, in the future, really thinking that the thing I play, the things I do in my life, are really valuable for me, don't care the others. I want to be proud of hearing/seeing the things I play/do and being like "Wow, that was cool, I like it a lot, rewind that track right on the start!!"
    Some day, in the future, i would like to discuss about if you can fall in love with a melody you discover by yourself. like happens to me with a couple of Carlos Santana's songs, or Dave Weckl Band's another couple, but that would be later...

    "To play or not to play, that's the question."
  2. Here's a relevant quote from Robert Fripp:

    "Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken."
  3. And in the words of Lisa Simpson

    "You have to listen to the notes that she isnt playing".

  4. Playing nothing properly is sometimes the most difficult thing to do as a musician. It takes more than maturity, it takes courage. When used properly, it can be a beautiful thing.

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