Low B Blues!

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  1. Hey, I could use a hand here. I got a great deal on an Ibanez 5-string, and the Low B sounds a tad bit weak. There is a noticble volume difference between the B and the other four strings, in that, the Low B is quite a bit quieter. Is there anything I can do, regarding adjustments to the guitar that could fix this annoying issue. Slapping is the only thing that will get some balls in that B, and I play mostly fingerstyle.

    Is this a common problem? HELP! :crying:
  2. Matthew Bryson

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    Jul 30, 2001
    How high is the action on the low B string? I've noticed that some people seem to set up basses with the E higher than the A, and the B higher than the E, while other people set up the strings to follow the radius of the fret board which can actually have the saddle on your B string lower than that of your E string. (that's what I like to do) So, if that B string is really high, maybe you could lower it - that would increase the out put on the B string. If that's not the problem, then maybe you could raise the p/u on the bass side. If the strings are set up right, and the pick ups are set up right, and you still have a weak B string, then I'd try new strings. If those three things don't fix it - it might be time for a pro set up. (although I'm sure there will be plenty of other suggestions posted in this thread for you to try) Good luck!