Low B string buzzing after like 3 seconds after I pulled the string

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  1. Hurdea Darius

    Hurdea Darius

    Aug 11, 2019
    I have a Cort C5 Plus. It doesn't have any truss rod, or at least I can't find any way to adjust it. Once I pull the low B string (which is 130 gauge, non tapered, factory one) it doesn't make any buzz, but after like 3 seconds I can hear BZZZZZ till it stops. My string hieght at the 12th fret is like 3.5mm (a little bit above 1/8) and I still can't get rid of the buzz. If I put my Gruvgear on, I still ain't sure if it diminuates the intensity of the buzzing. I will try to put a little thread under the string at the nut, but first I gotta buy some thread, tho I try to fix the problem somehow with you folks, because it is probably a minor problem . If I play with a pick, the string buzz's is awful. I forgot to say I don't have any luthiers nearby, I can't sell the bass, nor return it to the store. Or maybe I am pulling the string too powerful? I don't know. I started bass some days ago, and I am nervous bc I don't know if it's normal for the low B string to buzz like this after some seconds. Please help! Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 10, 2007
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    Can you describe what you're doing when you say you're "pulling" the string? I'm not sure what that is. :)

    Regarding the truss rod, there should be an access cover on the headstock against the nut. Underneath that will be the hex head TR nut. :thumbsup:
  3. What @Beej said. I’d it’s the same bass that came up in a google search, there is a sort of triangular plastic cover under the strings where the tuners are. Looks like one screw in the tip. The truss rod adjuster is under that. Should be 4 or 5mm. Maybe a video of your plucking technique and the noise?

    If you suspect the nut slot is too low try slipping a small piece of paper between the nut slot and string. That would apply if the noise is only on the open string.
  4. Hurdea Darius

    Hurdea Darius

    Aug 11, 2019
    @Beej I wanted to say "plucking the string" instead of pulling. I didn't know how to say so I translated from my language to english and this is what it gave me.
    Honestly, I am afraid of the truss rod. And maybe I'm dumb, but I couldn't find any great explanation on youtube or google about how it works and how exactly I should adjust it - clockwise or counterclockwise...
    I realised that I have some little scrathes on my neck pickup, so this probably is a sign that I am plucking the string I am supposed to. Don't know if it's normal to have these lil scratches, but I do have 'em and they can barely be seen on photo.
    @Beej @Matt Liebenau In my plucking technique, I always rest my finger on something after I pluck the B string (either on pickups or the bass' body between pickups), so I think this is another sign I am plucking too hard. There's the video with the sound that that low B string makes:

    I found Marcelo Feldman's "How to setup a bass" the most useful explanation related to truss rod and other stuff. I did what he did with fretting the first fret from the headstock and the fret where the neck meets the body and then pushing on the 9th fret and the distance between the fret and the string is long enough to put a piece of paper in. I think my neck is flat and doesn't have any bow, but I ain't exactly sure. So, if I understood well, I must loosen my truss rod to add more relief to the neck (aka turn it counterclockwise), right?

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