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Low class club owners (a redundancy)

Discussion in 'Off Topic [DB]' started by Don Higdon, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. An excellent guitarist friend had been doing Sunday nights at a club for 2 years. The place is crap, but a bunch of players would always show up. Without Vic, the place is a graveyard.
    So a new owner buys the place.
    He decides to fire the guitarist.
    He leaves a message with the cook for when Vic comes to work.

    Any other stories about truly sh!tty owners?
  2. I occasionally work with a guitarist at a joint that has music every Wednesday.

    One Thursday morning, the guitar playing gets a call from the owner. A table of the guitarist's acquaintences, she claimed, had left without paying their bill, and she demanded that he (the guitarist) pay it. Furthermore, she lectured, he'd better be a bit more discriminating about who he invites into her place.

    She has also accused him of stealing tips from tables.
  3. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
    There is a place downtown that was resurrected by a guy and his partner. The partner put his heart and soul into fixing the place up; great stage, with nice couches and chairs for the audience, a proper bar, nice restaurant seating, just very cool. As soon as it's done up right, the guy fires the partner. Then he gets it up and running, with a decent cook, and he ultimately decides he wants to do it all himself, and fires the cook too. Unfortunately for the diners, he has no cooking chops whatsoever, and seemed content to arbitrarily cook whatever he felt like at the moment, regardless of what the patrons had ordered. It was actually pretty funny. It was one of the few times I've seen entire groups of musicians turn down free food.

    I'm happy to report that this owner has long since gone, there's a new guy there, and they feature good live music there on a regular basis. I hope they make it. Nice place.
  4. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    Ooh Ooh!! I've got a great one.

    Oklahoma used to have a decent jazz club in the early 90's that paid decently and would bring touring national acts in on occasion. The guy Tommy who ran it was a moron who fancied himself to be a mafioso, but he was really just full of ****. You would go in his office to get paid, and he would have a gun on his desk talking all kinds of nonsense about how he contolled everything and demanding respect.

    A well known Christian chiropractor who had his practice nearby was tired of seeing under-age coming in, so the police did a sting, and this cat lost his liquor liscense.

    If he had left well enough alone, it would have been fine. He was the only jazz club in town, and he was making on it the basis of his decent Italian food. However, he had to try to prove he couldn't be messed with, so he had some out of work musicians firebomb the chiropractor's office one night. Of course being amatuers, they were caught and immeadiately turned in the club owner, who was sent away to the state pen in McAlester.

    I wish the story ended there, but in '98 or '99, I was in this house band at a new Italian Restaraunt/ Jazz Club inside a hotel here. We had a contract, and things were looking ok. The club owner had stiffed some people, but we insisted on cash before the gig, and had always gotten paid. He was also a big talker, and loved to have his bimbo girlfriend sit in and sing, even though she knew no tunes. Another story on that another day.

    At any rate we had been there Thurs-Sat for a few months with no major problems. Then one night he says he wanted to introduce us to his new chef - manager, and lo and behold it is Tommy, who had gotten released from jail. He didn't recognize me, and the rest of the band had all been in high school when he ran the jazz club. I told the band I had a bad feeling about this, but we had to stay and finish our contract, and the work was steady. We had 3 weeks left on our contract, and we walked in to set up and found another band setting up. Tommy comes out and tells us he decided to go a different direction and make it a blues club. I had the contract, so I pulled it out and told him that was fine, we would just take our 3 weeks pay and go. He got irate and had us thrown out. I was VERY pissed, because I just turned down a 3 night musical with paid rehearsals because of this commitment. The drummer's father was a prominent attourney, but when he tried to serve breach of contract, the owner had skipped town, leaving the bar closed with no warning to the hotel, who was stuck owing every liquor wholesaler in the state.
  5. Wow, great story. Anyhow, thanks for time we´ve been knowing each other. Now the guy´s gonna regocnize
    himself, and he´ll come after you, man. :bawl: