SOLD Low Down Sound 2x12/2x6 (relist)

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  1. I have a great cab up on the chopping block. This is a low down sound (750w, 4 ohm) 2x12 with a 2x6 for the highs. This cab handles great low end, especially the b strong, and it is able to have a nice, crisp highs without the bite. I absolutely love this cab but I am tired of squeezing it into my small car.

    Speaker Specs:

    Dayton Audio 6"
    Specifications: o Power handling: 75 watts RMS/125 watts max o VCdia: 1-3/8" o Impedance: 8 ohms o Re: 5.2 ohms o Frequency range: 80-5,000 Hz o Fs: 87 Hz o SPL: 91.9 dB 1W/1m o Vas: 0.28 cu. ft. o Qms: 2.92 o Qes: 0.66 o Qts: 0.54 o Dimensions: Overall diameter: 6-1/2", Cutout diameter: 5-5/8", Depth: 2-1/2".

    Eminence Delta 12LFA
    Specifications: o Power handling: 500 watts RMS o VCdia: 2.5" o Le: 1.45 mH o Impedance: 8 ohms o Re: 6.06 ohms o Frequency range: 44-3,000 Hz o Magnet weight: 56 oz. o Fs: 51 Hz o SPL: 94.6 dB 1W/1m o Vas: 2.4 cu. ft. o Qms: 7.28 o Qes: 0.51 o Qts: 0.47 o Xmax: 4.8 mm o Dimensions: Overall Diameter: 12.03", Cutout Diameter: 10.95", Mounting Depth: 5.35".

    With casters 29.5 H x 18.25 D x 23.75 W

    Weight ~90lbs

    Looking to sell for $500 shipped CONUS

    I would love...
    Epifani UL 112 plus $$$
    Epifani 110, 210, 310, 410

    Any high end 410's, 112

    Feel free to make offers.








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  7. $500 shipped CONUS!
  8. Price update, and the lowest it will go! $450 shipped Conus. This deal is waiting for you!
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  12. Sold locally! Thanks for looking.
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