SOLD Low Down Sound (LDS) 15/6

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  1. Jefe


    Mar 8, 2010
    Asheville, NC
    North Carolina
    LDS 15/6 up for grabs.
    I've only owned a few months, but I've decided to go a different direction with my set up. Cab is in great shape with only a few minor dings here and there.
    Drivers are an Eminence 3015LF with a 18Sound 6ND410.
    Dimensions: 30H x 20W x 15 3/4 Deep
    8 ohms
    Mid driver level on side of cab x-over at 1200hz
    Condition: 9.5/10
    Wt: Approx 50lbs

    I can ship, but it might be $80-ish depending on where you are.

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  2. bherman

    bherman Supporting Member

    Apr 30, 2009
    Grand Junction, CO
    Friendly bump - these are great cabs. Used to have one and it really kicks butt. For 400 bucks, it's an unbelievable deal. Someone local should buy this - you will not regret it!
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