For Sale Low Down Sound - LDS - 4x10 cabinet in Tampa

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    This has been a great cabinet but at age 70 I'm getting out of music so it's for sale. It has a great tone (the best I've used in my many years of playing) and the cabinet is in great shape and functions perfectly. I won't go in to detail since you most likely know about these. It's cost prohibitive to ship so it's for pickup in Tampa only. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! Tony DSCN1152.JPG
  2. Bump for a great sounding cabinet
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    bump for tony are you quitting playing out or playing all together?
  4. Thanks for the bump! I'm quitting all together. In May I'll turn 71 and the arduous task of hauling equipment, setting up and tearing down, and driving home has gotten more than I care to handle. I'm keeping one rig of bass, amp and speaker cab, and will hit the jams to get it out of my system. Thanks again! Tony
  5. Bump for a Don Oatman great cabinet
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