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Low Down Sound neo 112 review

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MikeBass, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Bass used: F Bass BN5-birdseye maple fingerboard ash body buckeye burl top.
    Amp/pre-amp- Stewert 1.2 power-amp, Groove Tubes Ditto Box tube DI with Telefunkin tubes as front end (pre-amp).
    We also ued a Eden TT405 head for a little bit (great amp BTW)

    This wasn't intended to be a shoot out or XXX vs.XXX so to speak, but it kinda turned into one.
    I am a big fan of the Epifani cabs and was happily playing thru the 112neo from them,thinking of a way to spin this little cab into my hands without the wife divorcing me.
    It's clear as a bell in the highs, the lows are nice and warm and well defined. Plus it's light as hell!!
    Everything I dig, hell thats why I own and use a Epifani 310UL!

    As I was sitting there I asked if they had a LDS neo112 in and they did, so we threw that sucker onto the floor and off we went.

    First off the LDS cab is about an inch deeper, same width and height, and about 2 pounds heavier than the Epifani.
    Plugging it into the same rig as the Epifani and firing it up there was a noticable difference in output. The LDS was louder. Both cabs BTW were 8 Ohms.

    The low end on the LDS cab was as smooth as the Epifani, but I felt the Epifani had a bit more low end extension. Thats not to say that the LDS cab didn't go low, but the Epifani has it beat here. At no point, unless it was at crazy volumes did either cab break-up when hitting the low B hard, they both held up quite nice. But again, the Epifani sounded a like it had a bit more depth.
    The high-end for me was pretty much the same, both cabs had a real nice smooth, non-detached silky-ness to them that sounded real nice when slapping and lended a nice amount of sheen to fingerstyle too.
    The area where the LDS pulled away was in the mids to upper mids. The LDS was much more detailed and didn't sound as "scooped" as the Epifani.
    This was very evident when both slapping and fingerstyle. The mids just stood up much better.
    Couple that with a sub $400 price tag vs. the $850 for the Epifani...........
    Personally, I liked the LDS cab, it's price tag and the fact that it's apparent volume is louder, plus the detail in the upper mids.
    Epifani just jacked up their prices so the neo 112 at Low Down Sound is quite a bit cheaper than if you had to order one new(it's marked at the old prices for the neo 112, about $675 if I recall). I like the Epifani stuff, but 'cmon, what is Epifani trying to do here?!?!?!?!?? They jacked up their price more than $150 alone for the 112.
    The speakers they use (B&C, from Italy) are expensive, but didn't go up really at all. LDS can aquire the same speakers (again B&C) and build to your tastes if you desire. IMO the B&C speakers are killin'. But the Eminance LDS used in this box was great as well.

    I think Epifani is trying to make up some cash from the R&D of their amps by jacking up their cab prices. ;)

    I was in there looking at getting something small and light for small gigs/rehersals. I already use a pair of Eden CXC110 cabs but wanted a stand alone cab a bit bigger than a single 10.

    Both cabs were killer hands down. Don't be fooled by the LDS lower price tag tho, they didn't just go the route of some of the lower priced cab companies and fire up "Bass Box 6" on the computer, plug in a few numbers and dropped some speakers in. These are well thought-out cabs that have been tweeked and tuned a few times over to get some killer results.

    I like the LDS cabs, but at the same time I have no problem telling Don (the owner/builder) if one of his cabs doesn't sound good. I've played a few of his that sounded bad, he took notes and like a mad scientist, went back to work.

    His 2x8 cab, oh man is it freaking awesome!
    Also note worthy are the LDS neo 410 and non-neo 310.
    For me the not note worthy ones were the 110 three way cab, the single 15 and his 5x8 (all cabs had high end horns).
    They just didn't do it for me, I like the smoother sound like the Epifani, Bag End stuff. There are a few guys here that have the 5x8 and rave about it.
    Now, LDS does have a neo 212 that is supposed to be available soon. Don is gonna let me check it out on a gig or two, so I'll give a full report when that happens.
    From what I understand, it has B&C neo 12's in it and a Selinum horn. Plus it's about the same size as my Epifani 310UL but a bit lighter.
  2. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    Thanks for that report Mike!!!
  3. Happy MurphDay

    Happy MurphDay

    Mar 9, 2004
    Do neo 12s in general have a mid-hump as neo 10s do?

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