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LOW END Black Leather Double Bass Bag

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Cory, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Cory


    May 16, 2004
    I've got an incredibly clean black LOW END double bass gig bag made of leather that I am looking to sell. I no longer carry two basses to gigs or sessions. So, this is a bit overkill for me. A KILLER and extremely well made bag.
    I'm about to head out of town for the weekend. Can send pics on Sunday evening!
    Asking $200.00 shipped
  2. Humabass

    Humabass Supporting Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    Northern Virginia
    Pm sent.
  3. How about a trade for a tan Low End / Benavente single leather gig bag? I'll even pay shipping both ways AND send you a box if you need one.

  4. J.Wolf

    J.Wolf Gear Reviewer - Bass Musician Magazine Supporting Member

    Apr 29, 2003
    Asheville, NC
    pm sent
  5. naughtry


    Jan 31, 2004
    NYC / D.C.
    pm sent also. hoping it's still for sale!

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