Low End LET-5 - Dakota Red, Modded (by Brian), Flawless, has to go. :(

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    **-- Update - Brian told me this is the *only* Dakota Red TBird he made - if you want a Low End T-Bird that screams 'LOOK AT ME', this is the one you want.

    Ok, as heartbreaking as it is, I'm going to have to either trade my precious Low End Thunderbird 5 or sell it outright. It's hands-down the best sounding bass I've ever owned - it's got Brian's LE pre in it (two band active - and I mean *active*. The amount of boost/cut is staggering) and it's been modded from vol/vol/bass/treb to vol/pan/bass/treb with a pan between neck and bridge pups. The pups are Brian’s stacked humbuckers; the small toggle is basically an on-board boost that enables all 4 pups at once - if you've got a solo and you need some additional db with more bottom, just kick the toggle and it becomes a monster. It's a really beautiful instrument, flawless as far as I can tell - I honestly don't think there's a single ding on it (as opposed to my LEJ-5, which I've played the crap out of). Note that it's hanging in the shop right now - I'm also consigning it at the LE, but you'll save a couple of hundred bucks going directly through me.


    This one is a 34" scale, the front strap button has been moved to reduce neck dive, and it sounds like a fist full of dynamite. The red is glossy, and also goes up the back of the set neck. This one retailed with the options it has (Maple board, ash body, I believe, though it may be alder - can't remember right now) for $3050.00. I don't don't don't want to let it go, but for a lot of the tour/live work I've got coming up, I need a P-Bass (as in, an LEP-5 from Brian).


    I'm looking to get $2400 for it. Price includes a hard shell case (an actual Epiphone TBird case). Any questions, please post or IM. If you're in the Nashville area, ding me and c'mon by and play it. :) I might consider an interesting trade of similar value. I promise you this - this bass is everything you think it could be, and more - if I bought it online and it arrived as advertised, I'd be beyond ecstatic. It's a once in a lifetime bass.

  2. Who bought this beauty? ))