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LOW END THEORY - Chicago Bass Fest

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by Joel Wanek, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Joel Wanek

    Joel Wanek

    Dec 1, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    11 January 2006


    Contact: Joel Wanek 773.782.3538, [email protected]


    Chicago, IL -- Local creative bassists converge Friday, February 3, 2006, at the Spareroom for the first installment of THE LOW END THEORY, a music series dedicated to Chicago’s finest improvising bassists. THE LOW END THEORY seeks to aknowledge Chicago’s rich history of influential jazz bassists by celebrating the present innovators on the scene.

    For this first installment of THE LOW END THEORY, Tatsu Aoki, Harrison Bankhead, Josh Abrams, Karl E. H. Seigfried and Joel Wanek will present a series of improvised solos, duets and trios before combining forces in a five-bass finale. THE LOW END THEORY will be presented Friday February 3, 2006, at 9:30 pm in one of Wicker Park’s premier performing arts venues, the Spareroom, located at 2416 W. North Avenue.

    TATSU AOKI is one of the most recorded, talked-about bassists on the Chicago music scene. A prolific artist, composer, musician, educator and a consummate bassist, he works in a wide range of musical styles, ranging from traditional Asian music and jazz, to creative free and experimental music. Aoki has worked with many musical legends, including Fred Anderson, Von Freeman, George Freeman, Don Moye, Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell, John Watson, Sonny Seals, Jon Jang, Francis Wong, Wu Man and Jeff Parker. Tatsu collaborated with Malachi Favors Maghostut on the landmark 1999 bass duet recording "2 X 4."

    HARRISON BANKHEAD has been a first-call bassist in Chicago for over twenty years. His musical development was comprised of a variety of situations including studies at The Sherwood School of Music, Northeastern University and private study with the Chicago Symphony’s Roger Cline. He is an original member of the long-standing 8 Bold Souls and has collaborated with musical stalwarts Oliver Lake, Joshua Redman, Fred Anderson, Von Freeman, Roscoe Mitchell, Billy Pierce, Billy Harper and many others.

    JOSH ABRAMS might best be known for his work with Town and Country, but his ubiquity in Chicago's improvised music scene proves he's one of the most hard-working, creative, and prolific bass players around. Abrams eclectic solo release Busride Interview (Lucky Kitchen) was followed up by the remarkable Cipher on Delmark where he led the quartet with Guillermo Gregorio, Axel Dorner, and Jeff Parker. He's also a member of the trio Sticks and Stones with Mantana Roberts and Chad Taylor. On any give night, there's a good chance you'll find Abrams playing in one of Chicago's famous jazz venues in groups like the David Boykin Expanse, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, and with artists like Jeb Bishop, Hamid Drake, and in countless other ensembles.

    KARL E. H. SEIGFRIED has performed with legendary figures in jazz music for over a decade. He has worked with various members of the AACM including Roscoe Mitchell, Mwata Bowden, Billy Brimfield, Ajaramu and Avreeayl Ra. Other musical associates include Peter Kowald, Eddie Daniels, Martin Banks, Carmen Bradford, Johnny Frigo and Barry Winogrand. Seigfried’s own jazz groups have featured established players including Alex Coke, Jimmy Ellis, Tina Marsh and Phillipe Vieux. Currently he leads his own trio & quartet that includes Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker and Greg Ward.

    JOEL WANEK is perhaps best known in Chicago as a photographer and educator. His photographic work has been featured in many galleries and publications, and on many jazz record covers during the past 10 years. For the last three years, however, he has been studying upright bass and improvisation with Tatsu Aoki. He has had the fortune of performing with many of Chicago’s finest musicians: Aoki, David Boykin, Nicole Mitchell, Josh Abrams, Yosef Ben Israel, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jeff Chan, Dave Rempis and Greg Ward. Currently, he is a member of Boykin’s Microcosmic Sound Orchestra and the trio Ways & Means.
  2. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    Hi Joel,

    TB is a wonderful place to post gigspam, but it usually goes over better if the person posting is an active member of the forum so the the gigspam post becomes an informative by product of the hang rather than appearing to be the main reason for posting. Welcome to the board, and feel free to join in the discussions.
  3. Joel Wanek

    Joel Wanek

    Dec 1, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    thanks chris..
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