SOLD Low End True Voice Tube Preamp and vintage tubes

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    Howdy TB. Never thought I'd sell this, but it's not getting enough use and I'm trying to move stuff like that along. This was very recently given a once-over and update by Brian which cost over $100. Here's a somewhat recent for sale thread that shares some of the love for this pre: SOLD - LowEnd True-Voice tabletop Preamp

    I'll also include a bunch of tubes with this. As you can read in the above link, you can really have fun hearing the differences rolling tubes. I'm pretty sure most of these work fine but I haven't tried most of them in a while so I can't make any guarantees about life left. There's an RCA, Jan Phillips, and a sweet vintage Sylania from Andy at vintage tube services. There are 9 tubes in all.

    $450 or best offer shipped CONUS with the pelican-type foam case. Case is in decent cosmetic shape and does what it needs to. Holds the pre and all the tubes.

    Only trade interest would be for a new version Retrospec Squeezebox.

    Thanks for looking, DM

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