Low output from bridge pickup but normal output from neck pickup

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Brandon Nolde, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I am new to this site & this is my first post. I'm having some issues with my Ibanez SR506 (six string) bass guitar. Last night I noticed that my bridge pickup had a serious loss of output signal so I had to switch over to using only the neck pickup. It has active Bartolini pickups. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Could it possibly be a low battery? (I haven't tried replacing it yet) It seems odd because the signal is still relatively clear, just very low volume. Any suggestions or guidance will help.

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    If your battery is low, your output will suffer regardless of where the controls are at when the preamp is in the signal.

    Im not too familiar with Ibanez basses but I’m pretty sure the pickups are passive. Does your bass have a switch to bypass the preamp?

    If you have full signal from your neck pickup but not your bridge, the pickups wire may be breaking off from the blend pot.

    Try a new battery first, if nothing changes, then check the wires.
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    Did something change? Or is this something that you just now noticed?

    It's normal for a bridge pickup to be a bit lower in volume compared to a neck pickup just because the string doesn't swing back and forth nearly as much when you get closer to the bridge. The usual "fix" for this is to adjust the height of your neck and bridge pickups to even out the volume - neck pickup a little further away from the strings, bridge pickup a little closer.
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  4. There's no pre-amp bypass, & I believe you're right about the pickups being passive. I've always assumed a 9V battery meant active pickups, but now after looking into it, that's usually not the case for bass guitars. I bought a multimeter last night, so I'm gonna do some research on how to troubleshoot it with one of those.
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