low profile truss rod confusion

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    I did a search and all the relevant threads are 2-12 years old and not that helpful.

    There seems to be some less than favorable opinions about the StewMac hot rod line. On a related note, I can't for the life of me figure out the difference between StewMac's "Hot Rod Low Profile 2-Way Truss Rod" and their regular "Low Profile 2-Way Truss Rod". Yes, the former is wrapped but it's also almost $2.00 less expensive. What gives?

    Then there's Best Bass Gear's dual action, wrapped, also seems like low-profile. ~$3.00 more than StewMac's regular low-profile. Are they essentially all the same?

    I'm just looking for a low-profile, dual action, that'll be accessed at the head in a headless, fanned fret bass.

    They're all 24" which is fine since important adjustment happens between the 1st and 12th fret
  2. Those two low profile dual truss rods at StewMac look the same, minus the putter skin color. I wouldn’t be surprised if the more expensive one goes away at some point (upon inventory depletion).

    I get mine off of eBay (BitterRoot guitars I believe). They’re all the same. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these sources.

    When you get it make sure it adjusts both ways before you install it.
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    ^ This

    I'ver been using the Stew Mac version, I like that it's covered with black shrink tubing
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