Low String Tension in Standard Tuning

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  1. So... I have a Schecter Omem 5 Extreme, a cool little 5 string I picked up used a while back. It has stwndard gauge stings (.130 to .45), but tuned to standard, the strings sound like I tried to tune my 4 string bass to drop A.. The strings are really really loose. My 4 string Stingray with .115 to .45 gauge stings can handle the BEAD tuning significantly better than my 5 string, which is a joke to me. I've thought about getting a .
    .135 gauge sting set for it to compensate, but is there any way around this? I'd recently taken it to guitar center for a setup and left it overnight, but because I wasn't actually there, I didn't exactly get to specify much other than that I wanted low action... Any ways to fix this, short of thicker strings?
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    Mar 10, 2007
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    Sorry, no. The only things governing string tension are distance from nut to bridge, pitch the string is tuned to, and string gauge.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Also consider Hex core Vs. Round core. That will give a firmer feel.

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