LTD bass???

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  1. Tried out some basses the other day in a far away music store, one that impressed me was one i need info on This looked like a ibanez copy, nice red stain job 5 string, active pups, and i think 35"scale. And string through the body . The sales man said it was made in korea or someplace like that. The only thing it had on it , on the head stock were the letters LTD.
    Any one know anything about these basses or the company?It played real nice and was only about 700 cnd.

  2. You played an ESP LTD 5 string. These are by no means Ibanez copies, or copies of anything. ESP are a reputable guitar manufacturer, comparable in many ways to Ibanez. Their custom shop is one of the most widely used by rock and metal players. I played an LTD B204 the other day, and it played like butter, but the other features did not sway me from saving for my Ibanez BTB405.
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    Aug 6, 2001
    I don't know about the bass but that is a damn funny signature you got there
  4. pantara fan, thanx for the info, yes it was a nice bass, im going to check their website.