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Lucky Me, Custom Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by RedGrange, Jan 18, 2001.

  1. RedGrange


    Jun 11, 2000
    Denver, CO
    Well, I just got word of my Navy Nuclear power engineering acceptance... and my band just signed a record deal (on an small label :)) So my parents said they will buy me a custom made bass... I need some comments from the peanut gallery :)

    I'm designing it as one of my CAD class projects

    5 strings 35 or 36" scale suggestions?
    Body style a cross between a Music Man and a Jazz bass.. hard to explain.

    26 frets, 3+2 headstock, same string spacing as my G&L L-1505.. but over the full distance, maple neck, ebony fretboard.. no dots.. except on the 12th fret.. I want a cool inlay

    I need a lot of suggestions...

    body woods, I want a flamed maple top... either alder, ash or mahogany body which would sound better

    Electronics.. I want piezo at the bridge... and one big musicman type pick up.. suggestions?

    Hardware... I want the big fender style tuners.. but ones that are really light... (this baby is going to weigh A LOT)
    Bridge? I want string through body
    Schaler strap locks

    I have a builder in mind.. I'm going to contact him when I get all the details down.. then he can add his suggestions... please give me some feed back, and forgive my spelling, please :)
  2. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    "body woods, I want a flamed maple top... either alder, ash or mahogany body which would sound better

    Electronics.. I want piezo at the bridge... and one big musicman type pick up.. suggestions? "

    You forgot to tell about your necktype: bolt-on, set-in or neck-thru. If you go for neck-thru (or rather "capillar") you chose body woods from weight and aestetics. If the neck is any good, the body wood will effect the sound precious little (I know alot disagrees, but it's simple bas(s)ic physics.
    If you chose a bolt-on, the body wood will have a major impact. Soft and light (swamp ash, basswood...) will give you a mellow tone, while hard and heavy (maple, koa...) will increase higher freq's. Mahogany, walnut and cherry would be in between.
    If you chose a set-in neck, the impact from your choise of wood will be intermediate, depending on how deep it will be set in.
    So far, basic physics. Now to the big question: what do you fancy? 'Cause that's the bottom line for a custom built bass (or whatever).

    By the way, I like your ideas about electronics.
  3. nanook


    Feb 9, 2000
    I learned after much research, don't worry about scale length.

    There are a lot of 35" and 36" scale basses that don't have the string tension of some of the better, more rigid neck 34" scale models.

    Customs are nice but many lack the performance and looks of some of the high end production models.

    Harry Fleishman's makes the best custom basses in my opinion.
  4. neptoon

    neptoon Supporting Member

    Jul 25, 2000
    Melbourne, FL
    hey psobecke...navy nuclear power engineering acceptance? as in, you're a JO who has been through engineer school or are you just gonna be an MM, ET or EM...i was an MM. i failed electrical theory for mechanical operators though. tough school. most of us were there from about 5am until about midnight. and most of us didn't even finish our homework. i regret joining the navy...been in 6 years. i have four left. i'm a missile tech on SSBN's now. i wish i would've stayed with my band. if you go to the navy, you aren't gonna have time to record. i would rethink this navy thing if i were you. i think if you and your band have something happening, it would be a lot more rewarding than any experience the service would have to offer. just my .02 though...if you'd like some more of my opinions or you want to know about the navy's quality of life, feel free to email me... evil_beavis_76@hotmail.com
  5. Joiner


    Oct 12, 2000
    I would go with a Sadowsky 24 Fret 5 if I where you. It has a very wide string spacing, perfect tone and playability, and I haven`t ever new anyone who wouldn`t want one. You could have the best 24 Fret 5 for around 3800 or 3900, with an primo-AAAAA quilted Maple Top and a Birdseye Maple Fingerboard with the same grade..
    If you still got money left, buy a four string or a frettles, to have both.

    Best wishes,

  6. RedGrange


    Jun 11, 2000
    Denver, CO
    I'm played a sadowsky... they are really nice.. but they lack a few things that I want.

    The builder I have in mind is a local fellow. He cranks out 3 a year (he is a professor at my school for a living). He used to be a research engineer at a couple major guitar makers. I've played a 2 of his basses and one of the guitars he has made.. and they blew everything else out of the water.

    Custom made the the individual. I would play the 3000 it will cost me anyday for that, over a 3000 'standard' model.

    I think I'm going with Bartolini pickups.. exact one.. I'm not sure yet.

    Most likely a set in neck, or a bolt on. Whichever he and I decide on

    Mahogany will most likely be the weapon of choice... with a AAAA maple top

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